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Emergency city wide strategy Coronavirus Campaign

Derby Crises Response is a coalition of organisations that stand ready, prepared and equipped to respond to situations that can have a detrimental local impact such as health pandemics, terrorist attacks, humanitarian work, natural disasters and political conflicts.

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Coronavirus Updates
Radio Ikhlas will be broadcasting the latest coronavirus updates in Urdu, Punjabi and English.
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0300 302 1944
Derby Crisis Response Helpline
10am to 10pm

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24 Hours

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You can play a crucial part in the Coronavirus response strategy.

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Death, Funerals and Burials

COVID-19 deaths are something we have to be prepared for as a community. Due to the risk of cross contamination the process of dealing with funerals and burials has significantly changed and it is important that we as a community are aware of how this will affect us whilst being prepared for a significant increase the the number of deaths.

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A focused update on the local progress, projects and things are we working on to help raise awareness of Coronavirus and support the community through this difficult period.